Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Final Score

North Carolina 3
Louisville 1

Game over. Season over. Best season ever!
The best team did not win today.

You win some, you lose some.
It just so happens, the Cardinals won a lot this year.


Thanks for stopping by. The Cardinal Blogger will see you next year at Jim Patterson Stadium.


Bottom of the 9th

Cards coming to bat.
Last chance.
Down 3-1.


1 out

Dominguez up to bat. Strike out

2 outs

Top of the 9th

Shortstop Cates is amazing!
He should play in the MLB someday if someone takes a chance on him.

Bottom of the 8th

Logan Johnson hit by pitch. A bomb by Burton would tie it. ..?
Burton walks. Runners on first & second. Howes the go ahead run at the plate.
Pitching change coming by North Carolina.

Strike out for out 3.

North Carolina 3
Louisville 1

Top of 8th

Pitching Change

Magnuson coming in with 0 outs, runner on second.
Pop-up bunt to Magnuson, throws to second for a double play.
Strike out for out 3. Cards coming to bat.

Bottom of the 7th

Cards are in trouble.

NC up 3-1.

The homeplate umpire has officially extended his strike zone to 3 inches beyond outside the plate. It's not helping the cards, but their bats are just not cranked up yet. There is still time, but they have to get on the board.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

To the NCAA From Me With Love